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Hi, my name is Stefani and I am the owner/founder of Ocean State Labradoodles.I have been a dog lover all of my life, and have always had a dream that one day, I would work in a field that involved animals, especially dogs! Whoever says dreams don’t come true is surely mistaken!! While I had a successful career in the corporate world  for 16 years,  I always felt that  there was something was missing along the way. I fell in love with the Australian  Labradoodle breed in 2002, and purchased my first labradoodle as a family pet. After having her for only a year, I knew that breeding labradoodles was a goal of mine, and something I really wanted to become involved in. After a few years of extensive research on the Australian Labradoodle breed, as well as extensive research on breeding in general, I decided to purchase my first breeding female and the rest was history! OSL was founded and my dream and passion became a reality!


 Our first litter of labradoodles arrived in 2007. It was at that time that I made the decision to hang up my business attire to pursue my life long  passion! I couldnt be happier with my decision, and have been enjoying every second of this new and fulfilling chapter in my life! I chose the Australian Labradoodle because they are excellent for families with allergies, have fantastic temperaments and loving dispositions, along with the fact that (although it can not be guaranteed) there is a very low to no chance of shedding in the multi-generation Australian Labradoodle. I hope to bring as much joy, happiness, and laughter to your life with an OSL Australian Multi-Generation Labradoodle puppy as they have brought to mine! I look forward to hearing from you !

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Meet Lori, the heart and soul of OSL! Lori has been with OSL since inception in 2007, and is the Operations Manager and the glue that helps hold OSL together! Lori has a Masters Degree in Counseling, and after a successful career in the Mental Health field, she fell in love with the Labraoodles and followed her heart to begin her journey with OSL and has never been happier! Lori is the resident  doodle midwife, and has never missed a single opportunity to birth a litter since our very first litter. She works closely with our guardian families, assists in breedings, and even shares her bedroom with each & every litter that is born. We call Lori the Doodle Whisperer! Her sweet, calm, and compassionate demeanor is shared with every labradoodle she comes in contact with. We are so blessed and grateful to have Lori on our team, and her hard work and dedication to our pups and breeding dog shows in the happiness of every pup/dog we produce!     


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