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Stefani,He did great! Right now Emma and Beckett are curled up on his dog bed snuggling. He is absolutely amazing...he didn’t shake or make a peep all the way home. He just snuggled. He played with the kids and ran around the yard all afternoon...and he is at my heel every time I move...looks like I made a good alpha dog impression on him.Beckett fussed and howled for about 15 minutes when I put him in his crate for the night but then settled right down. We got up at 2 a.m. for a quick pee, then her fussed for another 10 minutes when he went back in the crate and stayed there until 5:45. He’s a happy, mellow little guy..full of love!Also...I’m trying to talk my dad into being a guardian home for you...he lost his Lab last year and he’s been holding off on a new pup...but he came over to see Beckett last night so I think he’s going to break!Thanks again for’ve done an amazing job with these pups! He is THE BEST dog I've ever had!

Beckett Ben and EMmaBeckett

Anne Marie G., CT

We are so happy with our labradoodle from Stefani at Ocean State Labradoodle. Our puppy, Adelaide, is now 5 months old. She is the most gentle, sweet-natured dog I have ever met. She is gentle and flexible with our two children, and is happy to have my daughter carry her in her arms like a baby. When Stefani gave her to us, Adelaide already was sitting beautifully, and able to shake and high-five. She comes always when called, and is house trained now. She is very intelligent. We have a pet rabbit, with which she is docile and gentle. But she is playful and mischievous with other puppies, not submissive.I had not wanted a dog because our lives were so busy. But I have been utterly won over, and Adelaide plays an important role in the lives of our entire family. Stefani was wonderful. She patiently answered a wide range of nervous questions, provided us with ample documentation, and health requirements. She also provided very helpful reading materials, and has followed up to be sure everything was going well. She clearly cares deeply about her dogs and their puppies, and it is quite manifest in these gentle, intelligent animals. When we walk Adelaide, we are always stopped by strangers who comment on how cute and sweet she is. She prances when she walks :-).

adelaideAddie Beach

Barbara P , MA

Hi Stefani,-Oliver at 3months old! He is doing great! We are all so crazy about him. He is so cute, sweet , playful, happy, floppy, SMART, lovey. I can't say enough wonderful things about him. A man was over yesterday and he kept saying "this dog is amazing' and "he's so cute" .Oliver is doing very well with his training. He came when I called him and then he sat and lied down. The man was amazed. He is THE BEST PUPPY. He listens so well already. He's doing great with the potty training. He fits in so perfectly with our family, he has such a great temperament. He is playful but also mellow. We are having so much fun with him. To think I almost passed him up! He is 15lbs! I weighed him this morning. When should we introduce him to the pool ? I gave him a bath in the sink and he was very good about it. I think he's going to like the water. Thanks again for this wonderful puppy!!! OLIVER NOW HAS A BROTHER CHARLIE FROM OSL :-)!

Handsome Oliver Ely All Grown UpOliver and Charlie Ely living the life!

Chris E,  NJ/ FL

Hi Stefani,How are you? Just had to get back to you – I know it has been a while since I emailed about Fenway  to let you know how head over heals we are for him. Aside from being the cutest puppy on the planet (which I have heard more than one person exclaim. J ) he is such a love. So many people have commented on what a great personality he has. He loves to have fun, but can just as easily calm down, and hang out with us. He loves all of the kids but has a special place for Caroline (the baby). She has been known to lay on the floor with a handful of his food – and he will lay next to her as she feeds him it one by one. He is soooo good with her and she adores him. We can often find Caroline in the yard with Fenway throwing toys for him. Our oldest daughter Grace takes very good care of him – likes to walk and feed him and constantly keeps an eye on him. He listens best to her and she is starting to train him.J The boys love to throw his ball and try to teach him to bring it back. (hes doing pretty well at that! J) His potty training is going very well I think – not many accidents at all. He’s beginning to like his crate more – but we are home so often and he is so good that I really don’t put him in it very often during the day. (I’ve taken to putting the radio on when we do have to leave and that seems to help).We took a rode trip to a family baptism in Buffalo NY and he was the best traveler of the family! And he stole everyone’s heart. He eats well, loves people, other dogs and is trying to win over our family cat. LOL….We are thrilled with him and know that we have a very special pup here. Thanks!

Fenway and Company!Fenway and Stella having a playdate.

 Talk soon – hope all is well with you! Kristen , MA 

Hi Stefani,I've been wanting to send you a note to let you know how absolutely thrilled we are with Chewy. She is such a fantastic puppy and is a love to our whole family. We truly couldn't be happier and didn't know it was possibly to have such a good dog!!!! Anywhere we go with her, people stop to ask what kind of dog she is and they all have the same reaction-that she literally looks like a stuffed animal!
Feel free to refer any to us. We have nothing but great things to say. We'll be sending more pictures soon.Thanks again,

Baby ChewyShewy Chewy and her kids!
The Cohen's,  MA(Cara, Brian, Morgan and Avery...Chewy too!!)

Hi Stefani,-Just wanted to give you a quick update now that we've been home with Parker for a little over a week. We are all madly in love with this little boy. We can't get enough of him. The kids are having a ball with him every day. He is doing well with the housebreaking and we've taught him to sit for treats and his food. He is finding the 20" of snow challenging with his little legs but he's having fun burying his nose in the snow. He started sleeping through the night last Thursday so he can make it until 6:30 or 7:00 am before he needs to go out now. There could not have been a more perfect dog for us! Thank you so much! I'll keep sending pictures!

Parker Yates and his kidsBaby Parker Yates
xo..........Shannon & Family MA

Hi Stefani,Just wanted to send you a quick email to say how wonderful Teddy is doing. He's such a sweet little boy. Really loves to cuddle up with you. He's been sleeping through the night pretty much since he got home. He goes in his crate a little after the kids go to bed and then sleeps until around 6 AM - sometimes later!He's fitting into our family so nicely. The kids really love him!I'll send you another update in another few weeks. Here are some pictures of him too.Thanks so much for picking a perfect pup!

Teddy RHappy boy Teddy
Nancy R, MA

Hey just wanted to take a second to wish you a Merry Christmas. As you can see Lucy went to see Santa Clause – her coat has come back completely (Cowboy Magic is awesome – recommend it to anyone who has mats – also the cream rinse bath has been a savior!) and she asked for a puppy brother and after looking at your webpage we are so tempted but realistically we just can’t. Although I am going to call a friend tonight who is obsessed with our babe. Thank you so much for our little girl – she is just wonderful and full of love! I never met a dog who just always wants to be around people – on their laps, beds whatever. We are just full of love for her.When you get a chance (whenever) can you please just send me some pictures I can take to the groomer I just don’t want her getting shaved again and they did recommend bringing in a picture of how the face should look.Have a wonderful Christmas with all those puppies! Take care,

Lucy visits Santa!Lucy and her pal.

Debbie F,  N. Carolina

Hi Stefani, How are you ? Busy as usual, I guess. I just wanted to give you a little update on Sammy. He is the most amazing puppy. You choice was just perfect. You couldn't have picked a better one. He is great with the kids, a real party personality when we have friends over, and loves his obedience class.Thank you so much.

Sammy and co..
Annette, Charlie and Sammy, MA 

Stephanie, Sorry for the long delay, but here are some pictures of Jaxx, including some with his new cousin who is a week younger (chocolate lab). We just wanted to let you know that we all think we got the BEST PUPPY IN THE WORLD! Jaxx is really, really awesome! He's smart, sweet, fun and adorable. My dad has had something like a dozen dogs in his life and we brought Jaxx to his house this weekend. He said, "that may be the best dog I''ve ever met-- you got really lucky with him!". At thanksgiving, with his cousin there, everyone, even my sister with her now dog want to keep Jaxx. Needless to say, we are so in love with him! We thought you'd be happy to hear.

Baby Jaxx NJaxieAdorable Jaxx

Best, Owen N, CT  

Stefani has been wonderful! We got more pictures of Papi growing up before he came home, then we did of  our very own nephew ...both born around the same time! You can tell that she loves her dogs and knows her business. I have been trying to talk my husband into a 2nd labradoodle for some time now so that Papi will have a playmate.. Our Papi (now almost 2 yrs old) is delightful! He has some of the same mannerisms as his mom Chloe and sister Nola. He is very gentle with kids and has a very soft/gentle mouth when playing. Papi is such a wonderful dog. He is the first dog I have ever had, and I dont know how I ever got along without him!Stefani has been an absolute pleasure to deal with!

Papi and his girls :-)Big goofy Papi!

Sue S. , MA

Dear Stefani,It’s been 3 weeks that Charlie has been with us & I can’t begin to tell you what a joy he is. He is the happiest, energetic, loveable & smartest dog ever. He has begun to master his basic commands, rings the bell at the back door to go out, let’s me brush his teeth and absolutely loves the blow dryer. He comes in from the rain or when we give him a bath and just sits & lets us dry his hair. When I dry my hair he just sits & looks at me with his big brown eyes as if to say what about me mom? He brings a smile to our face every day! Thanks for this adorable boy!

Charlie C and SantaCharlie at the beach!

Best Regards, Janet & Skip C, NY

Stefani,We LOVE her, she is doing great!!! She goes back to the vet end of hte month for routine check-up and shots!!! I have to say i hate leaving in the morning and can't wait to get home from work to see her!!!!! She loved Florida, did great on the plane and is working into her routine back in NJ. Yesterday we had her out for a walk and i think every neighbor rushed out to meet her! Oh, quick question, how much do you think we should be feeding her. We are using the same dog food you suggested, and I think I have it right she should have btwn 1 cup to 1.5 cups each day? Just wanting to make sure I am giving her the right amount. I know she would eat more if we gave her more, but the directions on the bad said 1 -11/2 each day. Hope all is well her brothers and sisters --but I know WE have the best puppy!

Holly Waving HelloHappy Holly

Jayne and Tony, NJ

Dear Stefani,Thank you so much for choosing the best puppy ever for us!!!! The boys love her and she has adjusted well to the household. Even Cosmos (our cat) seems OK with the new addition. Kyle wants you to know that MAGGIE IS THE BEST! He is the blonde in the pictures: Liam is the one in the red fleece. Here are some first pictures of Maggie hanging with her bros! We will be taking lots more and send you our news and progress over the holidays.Maggie has met Mary our trainer and is “Harvard material”! She sits and waits for her her food, sits and waits for her leash, and when the door is open knows “down” and definetly her name. She is already housebroken and sleeps through the night without a peep. We’re working on crate time during the day-she can do 1.5 hrs-and taking her on longer walks(with this cold weather she looks at us as if we are crazy to even consider spending time outside!)We are thrilled with her, as is everyone who meets her. She has the most engaging personality and seems to go with the flow most of the time. Thank you for breeding such a Maggielicious pup! All the best on 2009. Maggie now has a sister Missy also from OSL!

Maggie and her boys at homeMaggie. Missy and the boys!

Carolyn, Bill, Liam, Kyle, Cosmos, and Maggie  NY 

Dear Stefani,Dodger has just celebrated his 8 month birthday, and we wanted to give you an update.  I've been meaning to write for a long time, but it's hard to describe what an exceptional puppy Dodger is and the wonderful addition he's been to our lives. Joyous is the word that describes Dodger best.  To call him happy would be an understatement.  He loves people and everyone loves him.  As we walk through the neighborhood he wants to say hello to everyone, and his exuberant personality brings a smile to everyone who interacts with him.  People are drawn to him like a magnet.  He also loves getting to know other dogs, and plays beautifully with his many friends. Dodger is a quick learner.  His intelligence and eagerness to please make him a quick study.  He did well in puppy kindergarten, and learned the important commands like sit, stay and come, but  he often had a hard time focusing on the task at hand because he was so drawn to the other humans in the class. Dodger is a mellow and easy-going dog.  He has never had a bad day, never been in a bad mood.  He's happy to be with us on whatever adventures we share with him. Nothing makes him happier than running through the woods or along the beach. As we intended, we have taken him to Len's psychiatry office where he is treated like a superstar by the office manager and patients.  Although he's not officially working as a therapy dog, Len feels he has a very calming effect on many of the patients.  He brings out the best in people, whether it's at the office or at home.  I'll attach a few photos and you can see for yourself what a handsome boy he is.  His coat has lightened up a lot, especially on the sides, making him an interesting blend of different shades of chocolate.   The little white patch on his chest has gotten smaller as he's grown.  And as his tail has filled out we see that he's got a patch of white on his tail as well.  He now weighs 37 pounds, so he might end up bigger than Xander. Dodger is a living ambassador for Labradoodles.  A number of people have asked us where Dodger came from and we've given your name to lots of people.  There are times when I feel sorry for people who are not Labradoodle owners!  I'm sure you know what I mean! Thank you again for breeding our wonderful dog and helping to bring immeasurable joy into our lives.

DodgerDodger Playing

All the best,!Elyse and Len, NH 

Hi Stefani! How are you? I wanted to send an email to give you an update on Izzy. She is great!!! We started obedience class 2 weeks ago. She is learning things so quickly! When it's puppy play time, she spends her 15 min's saying hello to all the people (and pays hardly any attention to the other dogs)....I think she thinks that she is a person! She has had a few trips to the dog parks and loves it! We still use the crate - she seems really comfy in there & have gotten onto a great schedule with her. I attached an updated pic - she is getting so big! I have passed your info onto a lot of people - they are in love with her!! Hope all is well!


Michelle M , MA

Dear Stefani, My family and I can't say enough about our puppy, Remy. He is such an important part of our family. It's amazing to witness how well he interacts with my children. My seven year old son taught him High Five, and it is adorable to see Remy offer his paw in such a way. Even when my three year old feeds Remy, our puppy will wait on command until my son tells him to eat. Remy continues to train with ease. Even before he entered Puppy Kindergarten, he knew his basic commands. We are so pleased with our puppy. Thank you for breeding such high-quality dogs.

Happy Boy Remy

Jaime and Jason S. and Family, MA

Hi Stefani!  I hope you're doing well :) It looks like you're quite busy with three adorable litters!!!  I still check out your page to watch the your newest cutie pies grow up :)Just wanted to send you a few pics of Maisy and one with her and her best friend 'uncle' Barkley.  She LOVES Barkley (he's my neighbors 7 year old boxer/beagle mix) and he absolutely adores her :)  Maisy is doing wonderful and I feel so blessed to have her!She loves being outside and her favorite thing to do is sit in my driveway and watch my neighbors as they come and go with her tail wagging back and forth.  She's going to be quite the athlete!  She loves playing fetch and i think she might be a soccer player when she grows up seeing the way she kicks around her soccer ball.In a few weeks she'll get to meet Daisy which I'm super excited about! I will be sure to send you tons of pics - it's going to be a blast seeing them together.Everyone she meets are so impressed by her and they all think she looks like a stuffed animal - she's just precious!I'll send you and update in a few weeks along with some more pictures! I do have one question for you - do you have any idea how big she'll be by Christmas??  I really want to fly her home with me to CT but I'm thinking she might be too big by then...Thanks again for my wonderful girl!!!

Maisy Maisy beachmaisybday1jenny_maisy
Jennifer, NC

Dear Stefani,Just wanted to take a moment to update you on Charlie.  We think he's the best dog in the world and the smartest, too.  He's is so focused on us, cuddly, responsive, and just the most adorable thing!  Everyone is so impressed with him.  He had his first bath last night and did great.  He sleeps through the night in his crate (he started doing that just 3 nights after we got him).  He sits, lies down, comes, rolls over, drops it, leaves it, all on command.  He does great on the leash, can go for walks in the woods off leash, staying right by us.  Plays beautifully with other dogs.  In short, he's perfect!  I've attached a couple of pictures. The other dog in the picture is Savannah, a vizsla, who belongs to my sister and brother-in-law.  She loves Charlie. Thank you so much for bringing us Charlie!

Charlie Brown all dressed up!Charlie Brown from Charlie and Chico

Erin, Andrew, Owen, and Emma, NJ

Hi Stefani,I just had to update you on Coda.  We LOVE her.  She is the cutest thing you've ever seen.  Her coat is beautiful, and she is the most playful puppy around.  Her disposition is wonderful.  She loves all people, but she especially loves kids.  Coda also loves to play with our neighbors' dogs, too.In September we entered her in the town dog show.  She placed 1st as the cutest female puppy and second as the friendliest dog.  Lucky for us, two of the judges for friendliest dog were kids and didn't know jumping is bad behavior in disguise!  Tess and Maggie strongly encourage jumping :  )Coda visited the vet last Saturday.  (We were afraid she had a tickbite.)  Besides thinking she's "delicious", her vet says she's a great patient.  She tolerates exams well, even the ear plucking!We just enrolled her in a new dog class.  Coda knows her commands at home, but when she's around people and other dogs, she's so excited to socialize she forgets she's there for obedience.Thanks again for such a great dog.  The girls love waking up to their little "Lunatic", and nothing makes them happier than bringing her to their games or seeing her after school!  And nothing makes Coda happier than coming along for a ride to meet family and friends :

Coda Coda from Luna Chico
Maureen, NJ

Stefani,-Just a quick update solely because I know that I would want to hear such  a glowing report! He is just amazing and I am getting the feeling that it is not just him, but also his breed and pedigree! He really is just so wonderful. I am imagining him a year from now and I cannot help but smile-he has all of the qualities that Joel and I worked so hard to achieve with our other pups! He is always with us, except when he is looking for a place to do his business (which by the way is the easiest clue that he needs to go out!) God, for a puppy he is really so low maintenance. He is responding to his name and coming to us when we say it! We had such a difficult time with this stage of our other puppies, so much more of the typical puppy behavior. His favorite place to lay down is either on that small area rug in that picture I sent you on Friday or snuggled up on the kitchen floor under the overhang of the cabinets. He is just so adorable. We are training him in the house with his leash on so that he is always with us, but truly it is not even necessary. He just follows us everywhere. He is doing his business outside just about every time we take him out. Emma says her favorite part about Copper was “visiting him after he was born, and picking him up when he was real big’! Josh age 2 says his favorite part about Copper is that he is “nice and he licks”. Emma would like you to know that he is good and polite, and that he is going poop and pee outside. She is too funny! He is such a great fit in our family, thank you again.

Baby Cooper

Courtney B. New Hampshire

Hey Stephanie,First I just want to “THANK YOU” so much for being able to just pick up the phone and call you! It has been a pleasure having Teddy in our family…I can’t imagine our lives without him. My husband and Teddy are getting along great…it’s too funny seeing him talk to Teddy and referring himself as Daddy…I didn’t know how long it would take him to get comfortable but it was definitely a lot sooner than I expected. But how could you not fall in love with such a sweet baby! I attached some pictures of him…the most recent ones are the cast (obviouslyL) and the one with the boys in the tub. He used the bathroom last night and is feeling better. We are spoiling him rotten so hopefully this doesn’t backfire. J Thank you so much for what you do for these wonderful dogs…If you ever need a babysitter please let me know! Teddy would love play dates!

Teddy and His Boys in the Tub

Jesuina H. Rhode Island 

Hi Stefani,We can't believe it's almost March...we are very much looking forward to Spring.  We wanted to send along some updates about Emma as she is just over 4 months old :)  We could not ask for a nicer puppy...she is soo incredibly sweet (minus her teething phase...haha)!!!  We are having an absolute blast with her.  She loves playing in the snow, and actually found it difficult to find a place to do her business once the snow melted this past week.  Now that we recevied a little snow today, doing her business has been much quicker...haha.  But, she loves to eat grass, so we are keeping a close eye one her when walking outside and constantly re-directing.  She has completed all of her shots/vaccinations, except for one...she is to receive the last shot of the kennel cough this coming weekend, and then she is off to doggie day care to socialize and make friends :)  We never much knew what the word lap dog meant until we brought emma home...she is forever by our side or laying/sleeping on our lap...and the fact that she now weighs 18 lbs, doesn't ever prevent her from climbing all over us. She is bringing soooo much joy to our lives!!  We adore her. We hope all is well and will forever be grateful for our precious little pup.

Puppy Emma the cutie pie !Emma!Emma all grown up 1 year old!Gorgeous Emma One Year old!
Best, Rachel, Bill & Emma  MA

HI Stefani! I am sorry it took so long for me to send pictures of Scout, I have been meaning to do it forever.  Anyway he is great, we love him so much.  He has been such a great addition to our family.  My children treat him like a brother and the fear of dogs that they had before we got Scout is completely gone.  I was amazed this summer to see Aidan (6) go up to a person on the beach and ask if he could pet there two fully grown Golden Retrievers, before we had Scout Aidan would have been climbing up me and sitting on my head crying if he saw dogs that size anywhere near him. 
Tomorrow is Scout's first birthday and the kids are excited to celebrate the day!  Thank you for all your assistance and for my beautiful puppy.
I will send you some more pictures in a separate email.

Scout fand his kids!Meryy Christmas Scout!
Sincerely,Louise NY

Stefani,-hope all is well!  Just want to let you know that Cruiser is doing great.He is almost completely potty trained and really smart.  He has been a fabulous addition to our family and has brought so much joy to all of us.  He has been sleeping through the night and tells us around 6 AM that it is time for him to go out and then have breakfast.  He really completes our family and has been a special gift!Today will be his first day of the water, we are taking him sailing.  We even bought him his very own life jacket:)He is exactly what you described and everyone who meets him loves him.  He is very popular in the neighborhood, especially with the kids. We will send you some updated pictures soon.  He is really growing.  Thanks again.

Happy Boy Cruisercru and bearcruiser wet

Brian, Jen, Andrew, Alex, Adam and Cruiser, RI 

Hi Stefani - Just thought I would pass on some pics of our adorable Cooper... he is just THEE cutest little thing ever - he's got a GREAT personality too! So smart too! He sits, gives paw, and does down already! We are really having fun with him! It's  a shame he's neutered already cause I would offer him back to you for breeding - he's just such a good dog. By the way - I've given your name to MANY people - everyone always asks me where I got him - everyone loves him!

 Cooper from Nola and Xander 2010 Litter PreciousCooper  Cooper and Co Coop and his mama

Take Care, Sharon NJ


Stefani-Milo is the best!!  He was so good in the car the whole way home.  He met his cousins this weekend and everyone loved him!  He is sleeping better than we expected at night.  He is so sweet and friendly and mellow.  We were afraid our kitty might move out when he arrived, but they are even getting along.  Here are a couple of pictures of him with Anna.  I'll send more photos soon.  When can he go in the water?  He was not tempted by the lake this week, because there is a step down to the beach, but I'm sure he'll want to go in at some point!  Thanks again for everything- we LOVE him!!!!

 Milo the adorable Rita and ChicoMilo and Pal

Lindsey and Noel, NY

Hi Stefani, I thought you might want to see a picture of Koa all grown up. We can't believe he is 1 years old already.  He's doing great and is such a happy-go-lucky dog.  He is loving summer time because my boys have been home and Koa is having so much fun playing with them.  I have to tell you the funniest thing he does - Koa knows when the paperboy comes by to deliver the paper and will go out front and wait for the paperboy (who comes by in a car).  The paperboy will throw the paper out the window to Koa and Koa catches it every morning and brings it in.  We all get a kick out of it (especially the paperboy!).  If Koa misses (which rarely happens), the boy will throw another paper so Koa can catch it.  So cute! Koa has just been a great family and companion dog for us. Thanks again! Hope you are enjoying your summer!

Koa Halloween vv Koa All Grown Up! Rugby Posing
Take care! Linda T, VA

Hi Stefani. Hope all is well with you and your pups!  Just wanted to give you an update on our puppy Boomer (Willow/Chico 3/ 2011). First, I have to tell you that he is probably the best puppy anyone could ever ask for!  I'm sure you hear this quite a bit.  You made the perfect call on which puppy in the litter was right for our family.  We have TOTALLY enjoyed having him and he has been such an easygoing, stable puppy.  He shows little anxiety (except in a car) and LOVES people.  We have a busy house with lots of friends and kids over all the time.  You should see Boomer playing with all of these boys in the backyard!I have to admit he is my baby because we are together a lot during the day but all three of my kids have bonded with him and play with him even more than I expected.   I just can't tell you enough how much we love having Boomer.  I'm even thinking in a couple of years, we may have to get a little chocolate doodle as well! I have attached some photos of Boomer.  He weighs 17 lbs and he's all hair!  I brush him every day (he loves it) and he's as soft as a stuffed animal.  He's going for his first haircut on Friday.  I would appreciate any advice you can give me on tips to give the groomer regarding style.

Baby Boomer WIllow and Chico Boomer from willow and Chico  

Take care Ann S, CT 

Stefani- We just wanted to send updated photos of Bailey! She is the most amazing dog ever!  Everything we could have hoped for – sweet, fun, smart, cuddly, athletic and loves people!  Not to mention beautiful and soooooooooo soft. She goes everywhere with us and always draws a crowd.  We can’t believe how special she is!  Thank you!  And Thank Willow and Mason!


-Wendy, Erik, Rachel and Lauryn N, MA


 Dear Stefani -

We just wanted to drop you a Merry Christmas note and wish you the very best holiday ever. Iggy is four months old today and is the absolute love of our lives.  She is enrolled in puppy Kindegarten and is the star of her class.  She is 100% house trained, can sit, lay and stay.  Thanks to you she was crate trained and slept thru the night withour a whimper until 6:00 am on her first night home in her crate in our bedroom.  She is as smart as a whip and a little doll. Thank you for making our family complete.


Love Iggy, Peggy & Len D, MA


Just wanted to let you know that Summit is such an amazing pup and is doing so well! Here are 2 pictures of her at the soccer fields today.She is so smart and is graduating from puppy kindergarten next week. She may have her first puppy grooming next week but we're not sure we want to cut her perfect fur! At least 3 times a week we get stopped and asked what breed with the added comment that she is the cutest dog they have ever seen. It takes me 20 min to leave puppy class because everyone keeps stopping me. Great advertising for oceanstatelabradoodles.  Hopefully you'll have lots of new clients.  She is in Maine this weekend and just finished a 3 mile hike. She did so well and loves the outdoors. Her personality is so perfect. She loves people (everyone) and is so gentle and happy when playing with other dogs. She is the best. 


Thanks again for such a great pup. Jeff MA

Stefani- I'm sorry it has taken me so long to send a picture of Pepper to you!  She was born last May (Nola & Levi). We just completely love Pepper!!  She is so sweet and just wants to spend time with us!  We get so many compliments on how beautiful and well tempered she is!  We had my family at our house for Thanksgiving and a family member is deathly afraid of dogs so I was a little nervous about him meeting Pepper. However, by the end of the day, he totally loved Pepper!  It was really cute!!! Thanks so much for doing such a great job with the dogs to make such lovely puppies possible!!Also, Pepper always has a toy in her mouth and wants to play - just like Nola!!Hopefully I'll send more pictures soon!

CCar Pepp      Pepper and CO 

Theresa & Chris D,  CT


Hi Stefani,

I just wanted to share ...our trainer runs Friday evening puppy socialization classes.  It's a great way for Dublin to play with other puppies her age.  She loves it.  She runs and runs and tires herself out..Last night there were two other Australian labradoodles there..a 10 week old puppy and a 2 year old.  They were both wonderful dogs.  The owners kept asking us where we got Dublin and of course, we said Oceanstate Labradoodles.  Both owners remarked how beautiful Dublin was and her boning.  They also kept remarking how soft her coat was.  In our unbiased opinion (smile), Dublin is just gorgeous.  We noticed how distinct her snout was compared to the others. It was just very interesting to us that each breeder creates a certain look (both of their dogs had longer snouts and their eyes were very set in) and coat (the coats of the other dogs felt somewhat soft, but not as soft as Dublin's.)  We are so glad we found you and love the look of our puppy!  Keep up the good work.  Your puppies are indeed distinctive in look, temperament and coat.   

IMG_2065   IMG_2255   IMG_2253

Paula, Noel and Duarte , NJ


Stefani of Ocean State Labradoodles is the best when it comes to making well-balanced, happy puppies that grow up to be superb family dogs! 
From the first contact we had we had with Stefani through today, over a year and a half later, she has diligently addressed all questions we have had about our puppy or the breed.  Stefani’s advice and insight has been correct 100 percent of the time.  Stefani is highly knowledgeable regarding the Australian Labradoodle breed… from their breeding, health, diet and grooming to their temperaments.  Stefani did a great job in matching a puppy to our lifestyle.  Meeka my first dog since childhood, so as excited as I was to get a puppy, I was a little apprehensive, too.  But Meeka was a true blessing.  She was very easy to train… very compliant and eager to please.  We are so very happy with our Labradoodle.  As a matter of fact, we want to get another puppy from Stefani in a few years, after my husband retires.Thank you, Stefani. Sincerely, Deborah

 Meeks Laying! 563185_3870940256136_623699735_n Meeka_inGrass

Deborah and Michael,W MA


Here is the last picture of Nina!! She is now nearly 5 months and 20 pounds!! She is a fluffy teddy bear: gentle , obedient I can't believe how wonderful she is !!I was so worry to get a dog but she won my heart !! She walks with me and follow me every where!! Soccer game, baseball , she is doing all the carpooling!!she is the center of attention!! And she loves it!!! She even poses for pictures!!I started her training but it is so easy with her !!Everyone says that she has incredible manners!! It is true !What she loves the most is the tummy rub! But most of all she loves to be a lap dog!! Because of her I walk nearly 2 miles days !! She is really good for people like me who suffer from fribro !!Thank you so much for this amazing companion !!The Marie's family

Nina 1        Nina 3   Nina 2

Nina M ,W NY


Stefani- we are head over heels delighted with and in love with Blue.  She is playful, fun, adorable and oh so soft and cuddly.  I, who was the most hesitant about getting a dog, am completely taken with her -- she is a great companion on my daily walks, and I know that our lives are much richer because we have her.  We will definitely send pictures, because she is absolutely stunning -- really, the cutest dog in the world (in our unbiased opinion  ).  We get stopped all the time by people asking who her breeder is, and always give full credit to you and Ocean States.  So, thank you for giving us Blue -- we are so happy!

 Blue Bettigole  Blue Bettigole 2  Blue BEttigole 1


Brigette and Kyle, MA

Hi Stefani,
Here is a recent photo of Maisy Kaufman.  To say that we love her to pieces would be an understatement. As you can see, her tail never stops wagging and she is the calmest sweetest pup that my vet says he has ever seen.  When she gets her shots she kisses his nose and doesn't even yelp.  Also she is the only puppy in our training class, out of 12 dogs who does not need a special collar for training.  We truly can not go anywhere in public without being stopped.  I have given your name out to so many people that I am afraid you may run out of puppies.  Thank you for my beautiful purple girl who has already given us a lifetime worth of love and kisses in only a few months.

mais   IMG_6539   photo (19)

Warmly, Jill K , MA

Hi Stefani! I hope you are doing well. I wanted to give you an update of Yoshi now that we're approaching his 1 year birthday. I can't believe it's been a year already! Dan and I are just totally in love with Yoshi. He has such personality! He loves to play and cuddle and he just loves being with us. He tends to follow us all around the house and really only leaves us when he's ready to go to sleep for the night. He is very energic and Dan does a great job of bringing him to this open field nearby almost every day where Yoshi can just run, play with other dogs, and fetch a tennis ball. He and Dan have formed a special bond :)We've also learned that, through our experience so far, he is good with small children. He has a lot of energy, but we have small nieces and nephews and we've seen them get at his toys or get in his space and Yoshi is so good about knowing to be gentle with them.I cannot tell you how many compliments we've gotten about handsome he is. I take him for walks or Dan has him up at the field and we are always stopped by people curious as to what kind of dog he is and then telling us how beautiful he is. The white coloring around his face and neck is so unique.He is really such a cute and soft dog. He's up to about 35lbs and based on his Daddy's weight, I think that's the biggest he will get.I've attached some pictures so you can see how he's grown (I think he really does look a lot like his Daddy). If you have some time and have them available, I would love to see some pictures of his siblings to see how they've grown as well.We are quite the little family unit now and Yoshi really completed that.He's our baby and we love him so much. Thank you again for bringing him to us!

dwerer           r56         we3w434re

Beth and Dan L, MA

Hi Stefanie!I've been meaning to write forever about Tug (Jilly and Mason - Feb 2013). I honestly don't know where to start. He is the best puppy ever - though not a little puppy any longer at 7 months old (today!) I used to think it was a little strange when people wrote that you had selected the perfect dog for them and now I am a believer! Tug is the perfect dog for us! He's silly, snuggly, smart, and anything one could want in a dog. I think he was house trained within 2 weeks - I can count the number of accidents on one hand, and some were our fault for waiting too long. When we brought him home he slept through the night in his crate without a peep, and that has never changed. He doesn't even bark in the morning to be let out - he calmly waits for someone to come down and let him out. He learned early what was his to chew on and not, so I never worry about him chewing furniture - though he does sneak into the bathroom and steal toilet paper if the door is left open! We had him in a puppy social class for a while, and other people could not keep their hands off him - I think one little girl preferred Tug to her puppy! We also took him to basic obedience, and I heard another owner telling her dog to watch Tug and do what he did! I could go on and on, but I'm sure you've heard it before. I would recommend you and your dogs in a second. His temperament and looks are exactly what we were looking for. I did want to ask you how big Mason and Jilly are now that they are full grown. At 6 months Tug was 33 pounds, so I'm wondering if he'll get much larger. He's the perfect size right now!! Some pictures are attached so you can see what he's looking like at around 6-7 months. He's cuter than his pictures! Many thanks again!!

tug             rere

  All the best, Pam S and family, NJ

Stefani, Bailey is 10 weeks old now and a wonderful addition to our family!  She is a champion sleeper and is smart as a whip.  She "sits" and she is house training better than I ever expected.  My husband and I heard a little bark yesterday and turned in that direction to find Bailey sitting by the back door.  Amazing!  Of course 30 minutes later she did it again...what a laugh she had when we jumped at her request to take her out again!  I think she was just testing us the second time.She loves the ball and has been piking it up for a while now. She also loves one of the chewy frisbees but has not yet managed to pick it up after chasing it down.  And Bailey pokes her paw at things just like we saw Nola do!  She loves the outdoors as much as the indoors, but basically just wants to be where we are.  If she  keeps loving leaves and grass, her nickname may become "hillbilly bailey"'s common to call her name and see a blade of grass sticking out of her mouth! And that's after I was told by my trainer that she has a "poodle's palette" AKA she's a "picky eater"!She is so playful and patient with the kids.  Her little personality is just heart melting. And equally so is reading all of the back to school papers where my boys talk about how much they love their dog.  My 5 year old's drawings now all have Bailey at the bottom of our long stick legs! Thank you again for taking what you do so seriously.  It's because of you that we have found a wonderful addition to our family.  And I did write this after she has moved into the phase of chasing pant legs, shoe laces, socks and sofa skirts! 

     a4         photo (5)           

  Tricia C and family,, NY

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