• Health Warranty

Two Year Health Guarantee

From the date of birth against all serious life altering genetic disease or Hip Dysplasia. The Breeder reserves the right to have a second opinion by a licensed veterinarian of Breeder’s choice, at Breeder’s expense.

The Purchaser must submit both X-Ray and accompanying report of OFA, BVA or Penn Hip. The dog must be showing physical symptoms on a regular basis and shall not have been overweight at any time during the guarantee period.

Purchaser must be able to provide Breeder with up to date veterinary and treatment records. Breeder reserves the right to review all medical/treatment records with a licensed veterinarian of Breeder’s choice, at Breeder’s expense.

In the event that the dog is affected by a serious life altering genetic disease including Hip Dysplasia, Breeder will either replace the dog, or refund the Purchaser up to the cost of the dog for medical treatment (Breeder’s choice). 

Should dog have been subject to any of the following during the guarantee period, the guarantee becomes null and void:

  • Failure to maintain puppy’s general health care (this includes obesity)
  • The administration of a Rabies vaccination, Lyme vaccination, or Lepto vaccination in conjunction with DHPP/DAPP vaccinations. This is to prevent serious adverse reactions that can result from multiple vaccinations being administered at the same time. When a dog is given a Rabies, Lyme, or Lepto vaccination as a stand -alone vaccine, it will allow you to know exactly which vaccination the dog is having an adverse side effect/reaction to. Severe damage can be done which can result in a suppressed immune system by overloading a dog with vaccinations
  • Neglect, trauma, or abuse
  • Excessive stair climbing or vigorous excessive exercise until (at minimum) 10 months of age. This is to ensure you have given your pup time for bones and joints to develop until growth plates have closed
  • Feeding the puppy a poor quality diet.

Under no circumstances shall the Breeder be liable for any consequential, incidental, or special damages resulting from negligence and environmental factors.

This warranty does not cover skin/food/environmental allergies. We have no control of the area your pup may be in, food you choose to feed your pup, or the environmental factors that may trigger allergies. Allergies in dogs (like people) can develop at any time.

This warranty does not cover cosmetic teeth/bite issues such as an under-bite or base narrow canines. These are recessive genes that are common to our breed and cannot be tested for prior to breeding. 

This warranty applies only to the original buyer. Upon transfer of ownership of the dog, warranty becomes null and void.

Breeder agrees to accept return of dog at any time during the life of the dog for any reason. Purchaser agrees never to relinquish dog to a shelter and to contact Breeder immediately in the event that the dog needs to be rehomed. 

Our return/rehome policy is as follows:

  • In the event that the Purchaser needs to immediately rehome dog, Purchaser agrees to ship puppy to Breeder at Purchaser’s expense.
  • In the event that rehoming the dog is not an emergency situation, Purchaser agrees to keep the dog until the Breeder can find a new home for the dog. This is a much better situation for the dog, so that it only needs to make one transition.
  • Upon rehoming the dog, Breeder agrees to refund any proceeds (minus any expenses that are incurred by Breeder for the dog during the re-home process ie: training, boarding, vet care, grooming etc..) from the re-home to the original Purchaser. 

Three Day General Health Guarantee

At the time of delivery, the Breeder guarantees your new puppy is in good health, and has received age appropriate vaccinations as well as worming care by a licensed veterinarian. Purchaser will be provided with all veterinary records of puppy while puppy was in the care of Breeder.

From the time of arrival of puppy, Purchaser must take the puppy into a licensed veterinarian for an initial health exam within 72 hours.

If within 72 hours the Purchaser’s veterinarian discovers a chronic or serious health problem with puppy, immediate proof of medical exam and diagnosis by the veterinarian is required. Breeder reserves the right to have a second opinion by a veterinarian of Breeder’s choice, at Breeder’s expense.

If puppy is found to have poor health (documented by 2 licensed veterinarians) within 72 hours, Breeder may either replace puppy from the next available similar litter (with shipping at Purchaser’s expense), or refund the purchase price of said puppy (Breeder’s discretion). Puppy must be returned (at Purchaser’s expense) immediately. If Purchaser chooses to keep puppy diagnosed with poor health within 72 hours, Breeder will reimburse for veterinary costs related to pre existing condition up to the purchase price of puppy. Veterinary costs will be paid directly to Purchaser’s licensed Veterinarian.

It is the Purchaser’s responsibility to provide due care, and not expose unprotected puppy whose vaccines have not yet taken effect to contagious situations. This health guarantee becomes null and void if Purchaser has not taken the puppy into a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours of receiving puppy.

Our pups mean everything to us!

If for any reason and at any time during your dogs life your doodle needs a new home, we ask that you contact us immediately. We will either ask that you return the dog to us, or we will assist you in finding your dog a new home. We do not ever want any of our puppies to end up in a shelter. We offer lifetime support for your doodle, and will always be here for owners of our doodles and their new families!

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