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    Dear Stefani…

He did great!

Right now Emma and Beckett are curled up on his dog bed snuggling. He is absolutely amazing…he didn’t shake or make a peep all the way home. He just snuggled. He played with the kids and ran around the yard all afternoon…and he is at my heel every time I move…looks like I made a good alpha dog impression on him.Beckett fussed and howled for about 15 minutes when I put him in his crate for the night but then settled right down. We got up at 2 a.m. for a quick pee, then her fussed for another 10 minutes when he went back in the crate and stayed there until 5:45. He’s a happy, mellow little guy..full of love!Also…I’m trying to talk my dad into being a guardian home for you…he lost his Lab last year and he’s been holding off on a new pup…but he came over to see Beckett last night so I think he’s going to break!Thanks again for everything…you’ve done an amazing job with these pups! He is THE BEST dog I’ve ever had!

We are so happy with our labradoodle from Stefani at Ocean State Labradoodle.

Our puppy, Adelaide, is now 5 months old. She is the most gentle, sweet-natured dog I have ever met. She is gentle and flexible with our two children, and is happy to have my daughter carry her in her arms like a baby. When Stefani gave her to us, Adelaide already was sitting beautifully, and able to shake and high-five. She comes always when called, and is house trained now. She is very intelligent. We have a pet rabbit, with which she is docile and gentle. But she is playful and mischievous with other puppies, not submissive.I had not wanted a dog because our lives were so busy. But I have been utterly won over, and Adelaide plays an important role in the lives of our entire family. Stefani was wonderful. She patiently answered a wide range of nervous questions, provided us with ample documentation, and health requirements. She also provided very helpful reading materials, and has followed up to be sure everything was going well. She clearly cares deeply about her dogs and their puppies, and it is quite manifest in these gentle, intelligent animals. When we walk Adelaide, we are always stopped by strangers who comment on how cute and sweet she is. She prances when she walks :-).

Oliver at 3 months old!

He is doing great! We are all so crazy about him. He is so cute, sweet , playful, happy, floppy, SMART, lovey. I can’t say enough wonderful things about him. A man was over yesterday and he kept saying “this dog is amazing’ and “he’s so cute.” Oliver is doing very well with his training. He came when I called him and then he sat and lied down. The man was amazed. He is THE BEST PUPPY. He listens so well already. He’s doing great with the potty training. He fits in so perfectly with our family, he has such a great temperament. He is playful but also mellow. We are having so much fun with him. To think I almost passed him up! He is 15 lbs! I weighed him this morning. When should we introduce him to the pool ? I gave him a bath in the sink and he was very good about it. I think he’s going to like the water. Thanks again for this wonderful puppy!!! OLIVER NOW HAS A BROTHER CHARLIE FROM OSL :-)!

Just had to get back to you…

I know it has been a while since I emailed about Fenway to let you know how head over heals we are for him. Aside from being the cutest puppy on the planet (which I have heard more than one person exclaim) he is such a love. So many people have commented on what a great personality he has. He loves to have fun, but can just as easily calm down, and hang out with us. He loves all of the kids but has a special place for Caroline (the baby). She has been known to lay on the floor with a handful of his food – and he will lay next to her as she feeds him it one by one. He is soooo good with her and she adores him. We can often find Caroline in the yard with Fenway throwing toys for him. Our oldest daughter Grace takes very good care of him – likes to walk and feed him and constantly keeps an eye on him. He listens best to her and she is starting to train him. The boys love to throw his ball and try to teach him to bring it back. (he’s doing pretty well at that!) His potty training is going very well I think – not many accidents at all. He’s beginning to like his crate more – but we are home so often and he is so good that I really don’t put him in it very often during the day. (I’ve taken to putting the radio on when we do have to leave and that seems to help).We took a rode trip to a family baptism in Buffalo NY and he was the best traveler of the family! And he stole everyone’s heart. He eats well, loves people, other dogs and is trying to win over our family cat. LOL….We are thrilled with him and know that we have a very special pup here. Thanks!

I’ve been wanting to send you a note to let you know how absolutely thrilled we are with Chewy.

She is such a fantastic puppy and is a love to our whole family. We truly couldn’t be happier and didn’t know it was possibly to have such a good dog!!!! Anywhere we go with her, people stop to ask what kind of dog she is and they all have the same reaction – that she literally looks like a stuffed animal! Feel free to refer any to us. We have nothing but great things to say. We’ll be sending more pictures soon. Thanks again.

Just wanted to give you a quick update now that we’ve been home with Parker for a little over a week.

We are all madly in love with this little boy. We can’t get enough of him. The kids are having a ball with him every day. He is doing well with the housebreaking and we’ve taught him to sit for treats and his food. He is finding the 20″ of snow challenging with his little legs but he’s having fun burying his nose in the snow. He started sleeping through the night last Thursday so he can make it until 6:30 or 7:00 am before he needs to go out now. There could not have been a more perfect dog for us! Thank you so much! I’ll keep sending pictures!Describe the item or answer the question so that site visitors who are interested get more information. You can emphasize this text with bullets, italics or bold, and add links.

Just wanted to send you a quick email to say how wonderful Teddy is doing.

He’s such a sweet little boy. Really loves to cuddle up with you. He’s been sleeping through the night pretty much since he got home.

Hey just wanted to take a second to wish you a Merry Christmas.

As you can see Lucy went to see Santa Clause – her coat has come back completely. (Cowboy Magic is awesome – recommend it to anyone who has mats – also the cream rinse bath has been a savior!) and she asked for a puppy brother and after looking at your webpage we are so tempted but realistically we just can’t. Although I am going to call a friend tonight who is obsessed with our babe. Thank you so much for our little girl – she is just wonderful and full of love! I never met a dog who just always wants to be around people – on their laps, beds whatever. We are just full of love for her.When you get a chance (whenever) can you please just send me some pictures I can take to the groomer I just don’t want her getting shaved again and they did recommend bringing in a picture of how the face should look.Have a wonderful Christmas with all those puppies! Take care,

I just wanted to give you a little update on Sammy.

He is the most amazing puppy. You choice was just perfect. You couldn’t have picked a better one. He is great with the kids, a real party personality when we have friends over, and loves his obedience class.Thank you so much.

Here are some pictures of Jaxx, including some with his new cousin who is a week younger (chocolate lab).

We just wanted to let you know that we all think we got the BEST PUPPY IN THE WORLD! Jaxx is really, really awesome! He’s smart, sweet, fun and adorable. My dad has had something like a dozen dogs in his life and we brought Jaxx to his house this weekend. He said, “that may be the best dog I’ve ever met – you got really lucky with him!” At Thanksgiving, with his cousin there, everyone, even my sister with her now dog want to keep Jaxx. Needless to say, we are so in love with him! We thought you’d be happy to hear.

Stefani has been wonderful!

We got more pictures of Papi growing up before he came home then we did of our very own nephew…both born around the same time! You can tell that she loves her dogs and knows her business. I have been trying to talk my husband into a 2nd labradoodle for some time now so that Papi will have a playmate. Our Papi (now almost 2 yrs old) is delightful! He has some of the same mannerisms as his mom Chloe and sister Nola. He is very gentle with kids and has a very soft/gentle mouth when playing. Papi is such a wonderful dog. He is the first dog I have ever had, and I don’t know how I ever got along without him! Stefani has been an absolute pleasure to deal with!

It’s been 3 ½ weeks that Charlie has been with us & I can’t begin to tell you what a joy he is.

He is the happiest, energetic, lovable & smartest dog ever. He has begun to master his basic commands, rings the bell at the back door to go out, lets me brush his teeth and absolutely loves the blow dryer. He comes in from the rain or when we give him a bath and just sits & lets us dry his hair. When I dry my hair he just sits & looks at me with his big brown eyes as if to say what about me mom? He brings a smile to our face every day! Thanks for this adorable boy!

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